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Future Joint T&D dances: Feb 2 Etobicoke, Mar 2, Guelph, Apr 6 Waterdown (AGM)

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Member clubs and sister organizations are invited to submit events and flyers to be publicised in our listing. Must be of regional interest, not more frequent than once per month, and of interest to dancers at multiple square-dance levels. Please see our guidlines on Event Planning and Flyers.

Out-of-town dancers are also welcome to drop in on regular club nights. See our Clubs page for details.

Convention Watch

Carribean Cruise Mar 24-31, 2019, Square Dance Cruise to the Caribbean, with Wendy VanderMulen.
Philadelphia 2019 Jul 4-7, 2019, Belles Run, IAGSDC Convention, Philadelphia, PA
Canadian Society Jul 29-Aug 1, 2020, 21st Canadian National Convention, Surrey, B.C.
followed by Don Moger's cruise to Alaska! Wow!!