Toronto and District

Square and Round Dance Assn.

Callers and Cuers

Many of our callers entertain at weddings, private parties, and corporate team-building events. If you are planning an event with a country theme, contact us, we can help with the arrangements.


Surname Name City Telephone Levels Email
Beck Bob and Betty Thorold, ON 905 227-7264 R-Phase 2,3,4
Charman John St. Albert, ON 613 987-2711 R-Phase 2
Chong Andy Toronto, ON 416 925-2602 S-C1
Chumbley Berry Napanee, ON 613 968-9614 B/M/P
Clasper Barry and Pam Toronto, ON 416 498-0007 S-B/M/P/A1/A2/C1-C4
Crawford Tim Burlington, ON 905 572-5080 S-B/M/P/A1/A2/C1/C2
Fisher Dean and Ethel Collingwood, ON 705 445-1739 R-Phase II
Gerris Rick Lindsay, ON S-B/M/P
Goodman Aaron Mississauga, ON 905 896-4217 S-B/M/P/A1/A2
Greenhill Judy Guelph, ON 519-763-2494 S-B & O.T., Contra
Hall Wayne and Sharron St Catherines, ON 905 641-1872 R-Phase 2 (Sharron)
Henry Bryan Guelph, ON 519 763-8014 S-B/M/P/A1/A2/C1
Hinkle Mary Grand Island, NY 716 773-1938 R-Phase 2,3,4
Holmes Doug and Heather Queensville, ON 905 478-2200 S-B/M/P/A1/A2
Hutchinson Dave Marlbank, ON 613 539-3937 S-B/M/P/A/C
Lee Jim Hamilton, ON 905 544-2669 R-Phase 2
Masur Gregory and Rita Niagara Falls, ON 905 356-1611 S-B/M
Priest Jeff and Andrea Brantford, ON 519 752-2172 R-Phase 2,3,4(Andrea)
Line Dancing
Seager Arthurlyn Burlington, ON 905 639-4789 Line Dance Instructor
St. Jean Don Toronto, ON 416 979-2776 S-B/M/P/A1/A2/C1
Williamson Dave and Karen Brampton, ON 905 451-5059 R-Phase 2