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Some of the Toronto & District clubs feature Round Dancing as well as Square Dancing. And most T&D events feature one or more of our top-notch cuers. If you're a fan of Ballroom Dancing, and can't find enough weddings to crash, these clubs feature Round Dance lessons:

Round Dancers don't just have dances, they have galas!

Square and Round Dance Cruise to the Caribbean Mar 24-31, 2019, leaves from Miami
April Odyssey, St. Jacob's ON Apr 13, 2019
Swing into Spring, Prescott ON May 3-5, 2019
WOW Weekend, London ON Jun 7-9, 2019
Capital Caper, Ottawa ON, Oct 25-26, 2019
Gala by the Grand, Brantford ON Nov 3, 2019

Don't lock up your inner John Travolta - he wants out. Be hot. Be cool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Round Dancing?
A: Round Dancing is choreographed ballroom dancing where each piece of music is pre-choreographed and then danced to cues. All rhythms in ballroom are done along with many that do not appear in Ballroom such as Bolero, Slow Two Step, West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Merengue, Mambo. A website which goes into a great deal of detail of the rhythms and figures in Round Dancing can be found here:  

Q: Is there a dress code?
A: No.  

Q: I’ve taken Ballroom lessons, can I now jump into your Round Dance class?
A: Round Dancers learn to dance to the names of figures as they are cued, not common routines that are usually taught in Ballroom. Ballroom dancers are always welcome but they would need to learn the names of the basic figures and how to dance them before they could comfortably fit in.  

Q: How do levels in Round Dancing compare with Ballroom?
A: Phase III in Round Dancing compares with the Bronze level in Ballroom, Phase IV with Silver level and Phase V & VI with Gold Level Ballroom.  

Q: What would an evening program at a Round Dance club look like?
A: Generally the evening starts with some warm-up dances the dancers have learned previously. Then a new dance is usually taught along with any new figures, either in a rhythm the dancers already know, or in a new rhythm, then last week’s dance that was taught would be reviewed, and the evening would end with more dancing.

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